Story time Thursday


So I decided that I wanted to start something called story time Thursday where I would post a story. It could be a book chapter every Thursday or any kind of story. I’m inviting everyone to join. Anyone could write a post for story time Thursday, I would definitely want to hear your stories and I’m sure everyone would want to hear them too.

It could be a chapter in a book you’re writing or a one-shot. It could be a true story or just something you thought of in the shower. lol. It could be science fiction, a fan fiction, an imagine, A dream. Literally anything.

It doesn’t matter what genre you are writing about. Everyone is welcome.

Any one who would like to participate could write their post and send it to this email and I would check it out.

However there are just two rules in order to participate

  • It should be a story not just a regular post
  •  Should be at least 200 words

Other than that, you can be as random as you’d like.

Please re-blog and share to any of your friends who are bloggers.



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I am a Nigerian and American college student who loves to blog about anything that comes to mind.

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