Being a Teenager

I feel like I can really relate to this because it’s actually very true.

Teenage Souls

Hey to anyone who’s reading this!

I was searching for interesting blogs and I stumbled upon one asking for information on what it’s like to be a teenager in 2016.

So what is it like?

Well, I guess that greatly depends on many things, such as social status, exact age, mental health, school, etc. However, for me being a teenager is definitely not the easiest thing. You are judged on the clothes you wear and the company you keep. As a teenage girl, in society’s view in order to be accepted you have to have big boobs and a Kim Kardashian butt, and be curvy whilst staying skinny.  You have to appear attractive to boys and post selfies with the perfect model pose on Instagram and Snapchat in order to get their attention. However, the pose cannot appear staged.

There are so many teenagers out there with mental health problems, the…

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I am a Nigerian and American college student who loves to blog about anything that comes to mind.

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