7 thoughts on “Growing up

    1. *I was not done writing the comment I just accidently posted it. Hehe oops…*

      And I still would be lying now if I said that I love myself and my body 100 %. It’s definitely a work in process and I know it’s difficult too. I don’t know what you’ve been or are going through, I just know that I always helps to talk about it, write it down, just to get it out.
      I spent most of 2015 being sad, I wasn’t depressed but I was feeling depressed and honestly I don’t think I can pin point exactly what made me feel better, sometime after around 4 months or something I just realised I didn’t feel as shitty anymore.
      My advice is just to not be afraid of being sad. Maybe even dig a bit deeper into that sadnees, put on some sad music, watch a sad movie and remember if we didn’t have the bad times, we couldn’t have the good times either and then life would just feel grey and average.

      *btw sorry for the long comment. Sometimes I just can’t stop myself 😛

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