Outfits I wish I had this summer


So I came across a bunch of summer outfits that I completely love but (very sadly) don’t have and probably won’t have for a long time.

Most of this outfits consist of shorts but they are so nicely paired up that its near impossible for me not to admire them.

I hope that you like these outfits as much as I do!!



I Think it’s safe to say that I’ve been literally craving this outfit ever since I saw it. I love the top completely, I think it’s something I would love to have in my wardrobe. I just love the shape of the top and it’s particular colour. I like the bottoms as well but it’s not something I’m dying to have as much as the top.




I’ve always wanted to have a jumpsuit (If that’s what it’s really called) like that for ages. I guess the obsession started with my sister since she’s the one who actually wanted something like that and then I started liking it too. I love the shoes and I’ve been wanting to get that for a while now. I did get it but it was leather and didn’t go as high up as this one, It also had a bigger heel so maybe its not even the same at all.




I love this outfit! I’m so in love with the jump suit thing (whats it called?) and the scarf and the glasses and the shoes too. The touch of the hat is just too fab. I’ve been trying to expand my hat collection as of late but still, the only thing I’ve got there is one Nike bucket hat that actually belongs to my mum so truthfully I haven’t got even one hat in my name. (sighs) Then again this is a list of outfits I wish I had so. I love how the patterns on the jumper match those on the scarf. I think they’d look absolutely perfect together.




This particular tie-dye style dress makes me super excited just looking at it. I heard once that wearing bright colours can brighten up your mood on a gloomy day. This dress shows off colour and personality. It’s like the ultimate summer dress with bright colours and everything. It makes you look bright enough without you getting so bright you look start looking like a neon sign. I think its simple and pretty.




What I love about this outfit is the simplicity. It lets you look so effortlessly pretty. The top looks like something that would probably go off shoulder paired up with those chuck Taylor shoes is just amazing. The bottoms may be a little bit too short but I guess that’s what the flanny is for and who doesn’t like a good flanny? 



tumblr_nlshmaLvto1s8d8hro1_500 (1).jpg

I particularly like this outfit because of the top. I don’t know why, I just really like the top. I like the glasses and the hat too but I could do without the shorts. Honestly, my mother would probably never let me leave the house in shorts that short. I guess I like this outfit mostly from the waist up.




I guess what attracted me to this outfit is its sort of boho look. I particularly like the skirt with that top because I think they’d go amazing together. I like the glasses as well but I don’t very much fancy the sandals then again it’s probably because I’ve never been a sandal kind of girl. I do understand that this outfit probably won’t look right with a pair of sneakers so I’d wear it with sandals yes, just not those.




I love everything about this outfit. I think it’s simple yet beautiful. This outfit seems like something I’d wear just for the fun of it. It could be worn pretty much anywhere casual. The dress and the shoes go perfectly, and the touch of the flanny and the accessories is just AH-dorable I completely love it. I feel like I have something of the sort in my closet somewhere, then again I’m just thinking.




This is one of my favorite outfits, I legit love this one. The top is so pretty and It matches the bottoms perfectly, the hat is such a nice touch and the shoes are just great. I’d wear this outfit just as it is if my mother would let me leave the house with half my bum on display (lol) 🙂 If I did wear it, I’d pair all this up with a long sleeveless jacket and I’d be good to go. I think this is really pretty.

Well guys I think that’s about it for all the outfits I wish I had this summer. The list could have been much longer but I guess if I wanted to show em all I wouldn’t have finished anytime soon (Literally speaking). I want to know what you think, tell me which ones were your favorite in the comments below.












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9 thoughts on “Outfits I wish I had this summer

  1. Hey. I saw you’re blog and it’s pretty similar to mine only I just made mine today, lol. I’m looking for more blogs to start reading! But I totally agree with what you’re saying, I love going shopping and looking at clothes, but I’m in college and I really don’t have money to spend on non-necessities anymore. And I kind of feel shitty for it too, bc you open up instagram or twitter and you’re like wow thats so cute I wish i had that, I wish I had those shoes, if only I had that shirt…Social media suuuucks! It’s the main reason I ever want most of the stuff I do!

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