There you are standing, you turn and look at me and I smile, you smile back and then you turn away and smile at her and when she turns away, you frown. You tell me about your problems, all the reasons why you hate her but still you can’t leave her, you care and you don’t know why. Another day you tell me how she hurts you, how it hurts you that she can hurt you and when I ask you why you still put up with all of it you tell me that you don’t know. Then you look at me and tell me that I make you smile that I’m the reason you’re happy but tomorrow I’d smile at you and you’ll still smile at her and then you’d tell me you hate her, but you lie. You don’t.


you’re all probably wondering what that was about and honestly I don’t understand it much either.

I’ve got this friend, who’s having problems with the girl he’s dating and he’s constantly telling me all about it, he’d tell me about how she doesn’t care about him, how she hurts him because she’s always ignoring him and how he hates it. Most of the time I tell him that he should try and talk it out with her but he says that she isn’t listening to him and honestly I don’t know what to tell him anymore because no matter how much he says that he hates what she does to him, he still cares about her. I feel bad for him most of the time and I guess I just wrote that because I just thought about him.

I decided to share it anyway because well, why not? anyway hope everyone is having a great day I know I’m not. just kidding, or not. oh well, there you go, the end of a very weird post.





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I am a Nigerian and American college student who loves to blog about anything that comes to mind.

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