First Blog post ever!!!!!!!!!!


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I finally did it! so this is the first post ever on this blog! March 7th 2017! lol i’ve been putting this off for so long trying to figure out what to post till i finally figured “hey, why not just go with the flow?”

For the past few months I’ve had nothing serious to do since I graduated uni except apply and apply for jobs but nothing, plus none of my friends are in town so I have been extra bored. I kept thinking “Jo what productive activity could you possibly engage yourself with?” I love writing so I dont know why it took me this long till I thought “BLOG”. Then I wasn’t so sure until my bestfriend encouraged me to go for it and i did and so far its been good.

I don’t know exactly why but i’m really excited about this blog, and i’m looking forward to meeting you all so if you’re reading this right now thank you for your time and if you’re a blogger too and you felt the same way about your first post i’d love to know about it so please leave a comment! If you’re not leave me a comment anyway x!

Little advice: be bold, if there’s something you want to do that you’ve been putting off get up and do it today! life is too short so live today like it’s your last!.

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Hi guys! welcome to our blog! (Bella and I) Here is where you'd see most of the thoughts going through our heads about any and everything but filtered of course :). Two girls just learning to live life to the fullest, welcome to the whirlpool that is our minds!

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