Appreciating women around the world!

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Hi guys! so MARCH 8  which was yesterday was International Women’s day! First off let me use this opportunity to tell you ladies out there that you are BEAUTIFUL and you are STRONG! So keep being the best you can be everyday because the world does needs you!

So many women all over the world have been through lots of nasty situations. There are so many struggles we have had to go through, struggles that most or maybe even all men would not understand. Women have been treated as second class citizens, talked down to, women have been perceived negatively when they exhibit certain qualities as men, women have been sexually harassed and blamed for it, body shamed, denied education, subjugated but through it all women have prevailed. We have stood our ground against inequality, sexual harassment, and campaigned for female education among hundreds of other things.

     Any institution where there’s no women around — like the Church, like football, like the Middle       East, like fraternities — things go to s**t, you do need women as a moderating influence. When        men are just among men, they do stupid things. That’s just the truth.    – Bill Maher

So I guess it is completely safe to say that women are the balance to the world. Being a woman is a lot more than biology, our bodies or being a representation of motherhood. I completely agree with Dr Logan Levkoff who said “ I believe that being a woman is a state of mind and a commitment to social action. We act as a moral compass and a sounding board for partners, friends and family. We believe in standing up for what’s right.” Being a woman is being a light in the dark to the people we love and to the world at large.

Women have had it harder than men in our world because due to the way society is structured women have had to work a lot harder than their male counterparts to achieve the same goal. Yet we continue to work, to strive, to reach higher, aim higher… so here is to all the women out there who haven’t given up, here’s to all women fighting for our rights, here’s to women setting good examples for the present generation and generations to come, here’s to married women making it, single women working hard, here’s to single mothers, married mothers, here’s to you focused women getting up very early everyday and working extra hard to get that promotion even knowing that male colleague would probably get it instead though he didn’t work as hard, here’s to stay at home mom’s dedicating their lives to raising the future generation, here’s to young women figuring out their lives, here’s to little girls with so much hope and ambition, here’s to women who are their own bosses and don’t mind if men think they’re intimidating, here’s to you ladies who don’t care about society’s standards and are trying to make a difference, here’s to you white or colored ladies, here’s to you women going through such hard times but staying strong and still finding a way to be happy. Here’s to YOU GODDESS, Thank you.

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