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NOOOOOOOOO!!! After eight years with TVD, no more Damon and Stefan or Elena and Bonnie and Caroline? No more Matt Donovan and Alaric Saltzman? No more Enzo or Kai? No witches or cyphons  or vampires or heretics or sirens or well just no more Mystic Falls?!!!!

The vampire diaries series finale was as epic as we all thought it would be and yes I did cry, a lot lmao. That moment when Stefan said goodbye to his wife Caroline, I knew something was going to happen, then there was the voice message she left him after she found out what he was going to do telling him she understands and she’d love him forever (aww).

Caroline’s phone call right before Stefan dies

Then although we thought Damon compelled Stefan to leave what we didn’t know is that Stefan had been on vervain and ended up giving Damon his blood which is ‘the cure’ Damon then became human and Stefan took his place since someone had to make sure Katherine was in hell when Bonnie destroyed it. It’s cool though because Stefan found Peace with his bff Lexi! and that was right after he saw Elena in some psychic in-between world and told her one day when she wakes up to tell Caroline he’d recieved her message and he’d love her forever too!

Damon says goodbye


It was such an emotional ending and I felt really bad for Caroline seeing as her husband sacrificed himself to save Mystic Falls on their wedding night which means no honeymoon or happily ever after for them just yet plus she is still a vampire so I doubt she’s dying anytime soon to find peace with her mom or Stefan but i’m happy for her in the sense that she found something positive to do with her life (Hello Salvatore boarding school for the young and gifted!)

“The Maxwell reunion” lol  Vicky’s short reunion with her father! that was extra emotional, she had thought he and Matt had come to stop her from ringing the bell then he said “I just wanted to see my daughter one last time…” sigh, there were just too many emotional moments in this last episode.

Bonnie! one of the strongest characters in tvd, she finally figured out her powers again and saved Mysitc Falls. It took a little push from ugh, the ever charming Enzo and a lot of help from her grams and the entire Bennett line but she did it! Bonnie also got to live out her life travelling and seeing the world just as Enzo wanted for her.

It was really cool seeing the cast who had died along the way or had just moved on again, from Tyler and Vicky to Jo and Jeremy and Elizabeth Forbes and Lexi and Aunt Jenner and the entire Gilbert fam lol

It was also good to know that Damon and Elena lived a very happy fulfilling life. Elena went on to med school and she and Damon got married and lived happily ever after until their old age, died and found peace. Damon had been afraid he’d never see Stefan again because he didn’t think he deserved peace but he did! and that was the most epic moment of all when he met Stefan again. In the end when Stefan opens the door and sees Damon and all Damon says that has the tears falling again is “hello brother”.

when Damon finds peace and meets Stefan again.

All I can say right now is ‘Thank you’ TVD for an amazing 8 years and a beautiful ending, we will miss you.


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