APRIL FOOLS!!! (Josie’s Diary)


AAAARRGGHHH! Nooomoooorrreeeee please ooooooooo take it away it started with sneezing and then coughing and the headaches and fever! its been four days now and its only gotten worse guys i’m dying i can feel it… eating up my legs hands my ears, my nose has fallen off, my neck is too skinny to carry my head anymore so it broke off and now I have to hold my head in my hand, my fingers? I don’t even have any fingers anymore!! it’s all gone i tell you goooonnnneeeeee.. wait kilode? Biko, God forbid i have gone too far mbok .. what is it, as it is a joke let us just stop it here now.

That was my lame attempt at an April fools prank and it just started to sound like a Nigerian film so please no more. I am fine, actually a little sick but its just the flu. About a few days ago someone actually fooled me into thinking she was kidnapped and made it look so real! When i figured out it was a prank, lets just say she’s lucky she was far away, if she was in the same country as i am the country wouldn’t have been big enough to contain us. So I am using this opportunity to tell all of you planning on playing games today stopp iiiiittttt. You might give someone a heart attack oo. Save a life today and don’t doooo.

Well,, Lemme comman be going.. thank you for taking time out of your oh so busy schedules to read this very grateful girl’s post. Enjoy the photo below as a token of my appreciation 🙂 until next time pppppeeeaaccce!!


PS: “Biko” means “please” in Igbo, “Kilode” means “why” in Yoruba and “mbok” means “please” in Efik. (these are all Nigerian languages).

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Hi guys! welcome to our blog! (Bella and I) Here is where you'd see most of the thoughts going through our heads about any and everything but filtered of course :). Two girls just learning to live life to the fullest, welcome to the whirlpool that is our minds!

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