Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 EPISODE 7 OF GAME OF THRONES RELEASES TONIGHT!!! phew! Who’s ready? If you watch GOT you know that in the last episode Daenerys lost one of her dragons 😥 which was sooooo saddddddd, but then in the end it got pulled out of the frozen lake and was raised as white so i’m really excited to see what happens in tonight’s episode since the Night king now has an ice dragon! Can he fly over the wall now? Well I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out!

Also I’m really thinking there’s going to be a little bit of incest in the future of Daenerys and Jon Snow seeing as they’ve been hinting at it and there’s obviously chemistry between the two of them even though no one except Bran actually knows the truth behind Jon’s birth. I don’t know if i’m shipping them, I mean for the fact that Jon is Dany’s nephew, they probably would have been quite good together if they weren’t related. Anyways they were able to get them a white which they plan on taking to the meeting with Cercei so do you guys think Cercei would be fine with fighting the war in the north and giving up the fight for the iron throne for now? I think Cercei will try to double cross Dany and Jon, why? because the woman is blinded by power. She might decide to help though but she’s a treacherous evil evil evil evil evil person, I really don’t think she can be trusted and even if she gives her word that she will fight with them? I say Jon and Dany, sleep with your eyes open! That woman is pure Evil! Plus now she’s supposedly pregnant with Jamie’s baby again (sigh, might just be part of her plot to keep Jamie by her side though) anyways if it’s true she’s definitely going to be wayyyyy agressive to ensure the safety of her child’s future.

Let’s talk about Little finger (ugh the conniving shit!) He has been doing a good job trying to get Sansa and Arya to turn against each other and I just hope the two sisters actually get sense quick enough to realize his scheme. That guy has to go, I really don’t know his end game though but I think one time he mentioned wanting the iron throne but it’s not even his heritage so like what’s his own claim to the throne? Plus there’s a theory that he is one of the faceless men or that he trained under them because you see when Arya was training with Brienne he recognized her fighting style plus he’s from Braavos, well his father was but he grew up there so who knows lol.

Uncle Benjen!!!!! if that’s how it’s spelled lol Well it’s all thanks to him that Jon Snow is still alive, he gave his remaining half life (lmao I say that because he was already part white) to save our dear Jon Snow 😥 (we are truly greatful uncle Benjen) . Oh and Guys you see that part where Jon comes out the frozen lake? The eyes of the wolf head of his sword Longclaw was open, there’s another theory suspecting that was Bran at work and guys I believe because you know he is the three eyed raven and well shortly after that uncle Benjen shows up and he (uncle Benjen) serves the three eyed raven so yeah I do think that was actually Bran who alerted uncle Benjen that Jon needed him. what do you guys think though?

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!!!! woohoo!

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