GAME OF THRONES (Season finale)


DUN! DUN! DUN! And after 7 episodes, the season has finally come to an end 😦 (seriously though why are there only 7 episodes in this season?) Anyways season 8 releases either 2018 or 2019 we’re not sure but it’s gonna have only 6 episodes (seriously what’s wrong with these people?) well… THE GREAT WAR IS HERE! The dead are coming or should I say “Have come”. (brrrrrr it literally is a cold world).

Okay guys so I watched the episode 7 of season 7 yesterday and to be quite frank it wasn’t as thrilling as i’d hoped, maybe because I was over excited or maybe because i’d already come across a few spoilers but it just didn’t get to me that way. The only part that was quite interesting was the part where Lord Baelish (aka little finger) was killed. Laawwwdddd that was epic! No one saw that coming because you know they led us to think that he had actually gotten into Sansa’s head and turned her against her sister Arya. Well i’m glad the stark sisters finally got sense and dealt with the sneaky piece of poop (sorry guys I really didn’t like him he annoyed the shit out of me) lol Sansa finally showed us she’s not as dumb as we thought she was, thank God!


Moving on! The awkward meeting. Lol the whole thing was too predictable, I knew for a fact that Dany was going to show off and pull one of her big entrances with her dragons I also knew Cercei would prove stubborn and try to pull something and honestly I think the meeting was pretty boring plus I feel like maybe they made Dany seem kind of intimidated by Cercei, she was way too quiet, she seemed too small in the presence of Cercei. Also they really didn’t have to show how they walked all the way to the meeting point like am I the only one who thinks that walk was too long? Or maybe I was just too anxious to know what happened in the end that’s why. Oh and guys just as I predicted in my last post “CERCEI PLANS TO DOUBLE CROSS DANY AND JON!” The evil nonsense! I just knew it, she can never be trusted but thank God Jamie got sense this time, after Brienne scolded him though. Cercei might have planned to go back on her word but he wasn’t having it. She threatened to kill him if he defied her and left but Jamie called her bluff and rode north anyway! yay! Go Jamie!!!

JOOOONNNNNN SSNNNOOOOOWWWW or should I say Aegon Targarean *smirk*


So we found out Jon’s real name is Aegon Targarean (woosh!) and he was never a bastard, his Mother was actually secretly married to Dany’s brother and He is the legitimate heir to the iron throne! I really wonder how Dany would feel after she finds out about that, do you think she would still want to take the throne? I mean that’s all she’s wanted her whole life, It’s everything she’s fought for so it’s gonna be really hard for her to find out that Jon rather is the heir to the throne. She definitely has feelings for him and he for her because well, he ended up in her bed! Yup guys, that incest I talked about? It did happen! And i’m not sure Tyrian is very happy about it. I wonder why though, I mean he might be her Hand but it’s none of his business who she gets with.

Ohhh Theon! Go Theon too! lol he finally quit being a coward and stood his ground in a fight to get men to go save his sister from his disgusting uncle Euron (another character that annoys the hell out of me). Yara might just be saved after all 🙂 .


THE WALL COMES DOWN! aaaaaaaand it was disappointing. Sorry guys, undead Viserion and his blue flames is a big deal, cool and all but I really think they could’ve at least made it seem like a tough job for the Night king. The wall which was thousands of years old (8000) if i’m correct came down way too easy. Tormund and the other free folks at East watch didn’t even get a chance to fight, they’re probably all buried deep in the snow, well that’s what they’ve made us think but we’ll see in the next season which is wwaaaayyyyy toooooo faarr! 2018!! 😥 😥 so many lonely days ahead but what can we do?? 😥 .. Wait impatiently that’s what lmao. sha just HURRY BACK GOT!  ❤


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