Thanatos, dying dreams cont..

Death is a horrible thing.

The sight, the smell the tears all worse than each other.

He didn’t hate his job, it had just grown quite tedious over the centuries.

“she’s pretty” Darthian says from beside him, gazing at the young Asian girl who was quite possibly the daughter of the dead man laying upon the bed, whose soul they were sent to escort to the hall of the dead where his soul would be judged for either eternal torture or eternal paradise.

“we do not flirt with the relatives of the dead, even if they are unaware.” Thanatos scolds his partner whose eyes stayed fixated upon the girl who had just lost her father. this was what he hated the most, all the sadness oozing off of her was enough to make him sick. more than once he had contemplated giving the dead a second chance, allowing them to go back and be with their loved ones again but that was the only rule he couldn’t bend or break.

“whats happening to me” came the croaking voice of the dead man and Thanatos looks down at him.

“you are dead” he says simply, void of emotion.

He had learned long ago to simply tell it as it is, it made things a lot easier if they knew their predicament so he didn’t sugar coat it by telling them ‘everything will be okay’ or try to help them by painting the dull life in the underworld as something they should look forward to in their deaths, he told it like it was, saved them both the trouble. Most of the souls did as they were told and followed them into the underworld but a few stubborn souls who even after realising their lives as living were over decided to stay in the realm of the alive. Like a ribbon they were tied to their pasts and refused to move on. If they stayed for too long they lost what was left of their souls and therefore their ability to move on and were called ‘the wanderers’

“Darthian take this one to Hades, another soul needs my attention” Thanatos announces receiving a nod from Darthian right before vanishing into thin air along with the soul of the dead man whose daughter was weeping endlessly.

The next soul was in a small town called fallen lake and so he teleports right to the sight of death except this one was different. The body of a girl lay lifeless upon the sand, from where he stood he could tell she had hair reddish in color yet not quite yet red. she was surrounded by people of her age and others who where trying to revive her yet failing miserably because if he had felt her she was already on the bridge between life and death all that was left was for her to cross.

He didn’t know what compelled him to go closer to her but he found himself walking in her direction. Obviously none of the humans could see him, he was cloaked.

He raised a questioning eyebrow when he saw her face. There was something about her, she looked just like…. no, it was impossible. her soul was lost, right?

He looked at her again, closely examining her this time. Slightly different hair color but undoubtedly the same. The same full lips, same slender body, same long legs. But how? How did his father manage to keep him from finding her for so long? she should be at least seventeen years old in this human realm. He ran his palm through his dark air and frowned, he looked at her lifeless body, unmoving. His mind had began torturing him with old memories, memories he had long since buried but which even so still hurt like a fresh wound.

If this was truly her, he couldn’t take the chance, couldn’t risk allowing her to die, again. So he didn’t think, didn’t allow himself to think of anything but that moment unless his rational side would have taken over, thought better, analysed the many consequences.

He knelt on the sand, and as time seemed to slow down, he gently placed his lips upon hers. It didn’t last long, but he didn’t need any longer than that. He could feel the warmth rush back into her cold lips, she opened her hazel eyes, looked right into his and shut them again.

He watched the human healers take the girl away still trying to comprehend what he had just done. He had just broken the most important rule of all. And all for someone who probably didn’t even remember him.

His father will not be pleased.

Hey guys! here’s the continuation as promised! Watch out for the next chapter out next week Sunday! If you like it and you’re looking forward to it please leave us a like and a comment! thanks for reading xoxo!

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