Dying Dreams (continuation) :)

I’m awake.

The world spins as I blink my eyes open. The sun is sending blinding rays through the window and right at me. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust but after they do I register my surroundings.

I’m laying on a small hospital bed, beside me is a small chair and a stool, the cup of half finished coffee sitting on it indicates someone was here before. On my other side sits a machine whose steady beeping sound is slowly driving me crazy. I narrow my eyes trying to figure out why I was here but my memory is a blur.

Just then a man in his mid thirties comes rushing into the room followed by my very confused looking mother. The man rushes to my side and starts to examine me. He asks me questions like what my name was, where I lived, and what the color of my eyes were. I answer them with ease but I still need someone to fill the holes in my memory, the things I can’t remember.

“What’s going on?” I manage to choke out and on hearing my voice my mother holds my hands. She looked so tired, judging from the sagging bags that laced the under of her eyes she hadn’t slept in a while. “You don’t remember?” She asks me, searching my face as if the answers were there. I slowly shake my head, answering her question.

“You drowned, only for a few minutes, but you drowned and you went into a coma”

She said everything slowly, as if she couldn’t believe it herself. Suddenly all the memories come crashing back into me. The cliff, me diving into the water in the eye of the storm, me fighting to reach the surface whilst accepting that I may never see it again. I look up at my mother, she’s freely sobbing now and the doctor after doing some other random tests has quietly excused himself.

“How long? How long have I been in a coma?” I ask wondering how much of my life I had missed. Silently praying it hadn’t been up to a year or anything drastic like that. My mom smiles a sad smile while wiping her tears and trying to compose herself.

“It’s been two years honey” she says.


“Two years? What about school and graduation? And everything else in my life? What about college?”

She looks at me for a moment as I was very visibly starting to internally freak out and after trying miserably to hold in her laugh, she starts laughing. I just stare at her confused, wondering if maybe she had gone crazy within these two years.

“It was actually just two weeks honey, but you should have seen your face” I shake my head, I should have known.

“That’s right mom, make fun of the girl who just woke up from a coma” she smiles at me but her face suddenly becomes serious.

“It really wasn’t funny Ari, I thought you’d die, two weeks and you didn’t even twitch. Don’t ever do that again”

She hugs me. I’m surprised she isn’t asking questions about what led to my near death, but knowing my mum she was saving the questions for later, for when I was strong enough that she could safely shower upon me two weeks worth of scolding, which by the way I was definitely not looking forward to.

Something didn’t add up though.

If I had been in a coma ever since I was in the water why do I remember seeing those beautiful fluorescent blue eyes staring back at me as I lay upon the sand? And that face, that magnificent face.

Oh well, it was all probably just an illusion. My mind was definitely playing tricks on me, very good looking tricks, but tricks nonetheless. I mean, I had just drowned for goodness sake. Take it easy on yourself Ari I mentally scold myself hoping the salty beach water wasn’t messing with my brain.

But hell, it probably was.

Alright people! here’s the continuation as promised! Watch out for the next chapter out next week Sunday! If you like it and you’re looking forward to it please leave us a like! and if you want to know when we post new stuff follow and subscribe! remember you have to check your email to confirm your subscription too. OK Thanks for reading lol till next time xoxo!

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