Dying Dreams (Chapter 2)

dying dreams

I hated high school.

From the annoying teachers to the even more annoying teenagers, to the unnecessary drama, to the sweaty jocks, to Jenna Bolton and her set of mindless friends.


That’s why I was one of the best students in my grade. I had long since developed my ‘how to survive high school strategy’ namely: lay low, blend in, try not to punch Jenna in the face every single day and last but not least, pass.

I made sure I was passing every single class I took because lets face it, if I didn’t pass, I wasn’t leaving and if I didn’t leave I would be forced to spend the rest of my days stuck in this hell hole, no way.

 I lean on the single crutch stiffly tucked underneath my right arm and pull myself forward. I was in a coma for two weeks but I feel like I have aged ten years. Physically of course, my mind feels just as annoyingly seventeen as I was before the coma.

My bones are weak, my body is weak and my right arm is starting to cramp from the amount of pressure I have been putting on it since I insisted on taking just one crutch with me to school today.

It had taken about three weeks for me to be able to walk without much any assistance and I have been trying to make the most of it since.

The doctor says I can ditch the crutch in give or take a week or so.

I grabbed the mayonnaise from the top shelf yesterday, granted it fell before I could really get a hold of it but still, it was progress, and I welcome progress however wonky shape it comes in.

Speaking of progress, I really needed to make some getting to my locker, unless I will probably be here well into first period.

 I had been prepared to put off school for the next couple of weeks but today my mother decided I needed to ‘get off my butt and start getting productive’. Her words. So this morning she pulled back my curtains, had me get ready, and drove me to school.

She was right though, I had already missed too much and I didn’t want my grades to suffer. There was also the fact that my dreams had become occupied with a certain set of striking blue eyes and dark hair which was taking up too much of my mental space. How my subconscious had managed to create such a  wonderful image of someone I had never met in my life, I didn’t know, but I wasn’t complaining either.

I walk to my locker and open it, it was exactly how I’d left it, I don’t know why I expected anything else. I carefully put my book bag in along with my lunch and take out books that I needed for first period. I had AP English first and after taking out my textbook I make my way to class.


It was too quiet.

I mean, I didn’t actually expect anyone to rush up to me but I didn’t expect total silence either. Besides the carefully calculated stares I felt burning through the back of my head when I turned around I was getting, well, nothing. I hadn’t run into Jenna and her army of zombie barbies the whole morning which was a good sign but now that I think of it, it felt like the calm before the storm. Paranoia or not the whole thing was too easy.

I knew the drama was cooking, I just couldn’t find the pot.

Dragging myself to my locker after one of Mr Sulkins long, long algebra classes, I put my books in my locker and grab my lunch. I didn’t even know what was in there since my mom had just handed me the paper bag as I bolted out of the car and I hadn’t bothered unfolding it to find out what was inside. I have just stepped into the cafeteria when I feel the mood shift and everyone just stops, I’m talking food halfway to your mouth stopped and stared. I was preparing to bolt when I realize their attention isn’t on me but behind me. I look back and I feel my mouth drop open.

I could recognize those eyes anywhere, there he was standing. He looked like a Calvin Klein model but broader. Save for his black v neck tee, he was dressed head to toe in black leather. His dark hair looked strategically tousled and the scowl on his face was intimidating, like he’d rather be anywhere but here, well that makes two of us buddy.

I just finish shamelessly gawking him when I shift my gaze to the girl beside him, she has hair nearly as dark as his but with spontaneous streaks of gold. She is small but also intimidating and she has an air of elegance about her that people our age do not usually possess. She isn’t as crazy about leather as him seeing as the only Item of leather she has on are her pants but she is beautiful nonetheless, she has looks that rival Jenna and her wannabe barbies by a long shot.

I look away quickly, hoping no one is secretly laughing at me for standing in the front of the cafeteria for so long just to gawk at them but when I see everyone elses faces and how they are visibly still amazed by the people who had just walked in, I was relieved. You can’t blame anyone really, Hollows Peak is a particularly small town were everyone knew everyone else or nearly everyone else and new people quickly become major items of gossip.

Not only had these people managed to take the attention off me, they had given the students of Hollows Peak high something else to talk about besides the girl who had just woken up from a coma AKA me.

Just as I am about to take a seat, I feel a pool of cold liquid run down my hair to the back of my shirt. I turn around, mid gasp, and there she is Jenna Bolton and her idiot squad staring back at me with devious smiles on their faces, her plastic smoothie cup empty, she had poured it all on me. she smirks, “welcome back Ariel, have a nice coma?” she says and I shake my head, I didn’t think she could stoop so low, and I hate her.

“Real classy Jenna, now my hair is almost as pink as your face, almost.” I hold my index finger and thumb inches apart for emphasis.

She laughs, irritated, “that’s the best you can do? why don’t you crawl back into the coma you came from”

I shake my head at this, dropping my tray on the table closest to me, normally I would just ignore her but something had switched in me. I was tired of her giving me endless amounts of crap for reasons now overdue, she should learn to move on, I did.

“You know, I’d gladly go back into a coma if it meant I didn’t have to see you and your jumbo size eyebrows ever again or better still I’d like to put you in a coma so you know exactly what it takes.”

Her eyebrows are actually fine, perfect even, I just knew girls like her took eyebrows way too seriously.

She scoffs on hearing my words putting her right hand up to touch her eyebrows. one of her friends who I think is named Amber folds her arms “you’re so full of shit” she says and I shake my head “so are you” That seemed like a pretty good way to end the face off so I make my way to the girls bathroom as  quickly as I can to clean up hoping to God that Jenna doesn’t storm after me because the smoothie on my back was starting to bother me and I wanted to be the one with the last word.

As I make my way out of the cafeteria, I catch sight of the leather model from earlier and he seems to be wearing a look of bewilderment on his face, I don’t blame him, if a couple of girls started a verbal fight on my first day of school I’d be confused too.

I look away from him quickly, I was in badass mode and I didn’t want anyone to ruin it. It was only when I reach the girls bathroom that I realise I had left my surprise lunch sitting on the table in the cafeteria. Now I was itchy, irritated and hungry.


Hey guys! i’m so sorry this episode is late, i’ll make sure it doesn’t happen another time. Here’s the next chapter in Isabella’s book, do check back every sunday for a new chapter and if you liked it leave us a like. Thanks for reading! x

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