Josie’s Diary (October already!)

Hey guys! So it’s already October, idk is it just me or is this year running by way too fast? It’s been a bumpy year though but i’m still looking forward to my birthday which is in November!!! I’m not even going to let the years wahala get to me I mean as long as there is life there is something to be thankful for right? Oh and guys I was talking with a friend of mine about how difficult it is to shop in this town and to find everything one is looking for and we both had different opinions so I decided to create this poll to find out what you guys think so please guys, biko, mbok, take 5 seconds of your time to answer? Thank you!

Well I was just dropping by guys, thank you for your time and for reading this very grateful girls post! until next time! xx

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Hi guys! welcome to our blog! (Bella and I) Here is where you'd see most of the thoughts going through our heads about any and everything but filtered of course :). Two girls just learning to live life to the fullest, welcome to the whirlpool that is our minds!

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