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YO! YO! YO! peeooppllleeee!!!! phew! Hey guys! So i’m all hype because it’s about to go down!!!! (okay Jo calm down already sigh) Sorry about that lol okay so as young people it is very necessary for us to support each other you know? Encourage each other and help each other reach higher and achieve their goals. I mean there are lots of youth out here making bad choices so when I see young people coming together to do something positive in the society it gets me very excited so here we go! For those of you guys in Ghana there’s an art show coming up called “Camouflart” its an indoor art show coming off this December, 23rd to be precise. The maiden event will be focusing on 3 different sunsets of art; music, art exhibition/gallery and fashion show. Camouflart has two main aims; first end is to create a platform for everyone to showcase art, educate everyone on what art is and help the people appreciate art. Secondly a percentage of the Proceeds of the show will donated to charity so it’s also a charity show. We have a number of artists on board ; Cina soul, BiQo, Ansahlive, Nilsbritwum, 1kanto, Tano jackson, Kiyo dee, Iruka gold, Pandze, Flare, La tête and a whole lot more. There’ll be live streaming and hopefully 📺 broadcast. Artists on board will receive a compensation in the form of a package. They will also be given the opportunity to sell their works on the show on our website also.

I always saw art as the rainbow to the world, it’s one of the things that makes the world beautiful and brings the people together. It’s a proper way of self expression, bringing to light what’s in the deep deep deepest part of a persons heart.

It’s going to be lit guys so if you are in Ghana you don’t want to miss it! Save the date and tell a friend to tell a friend! 23rd of December whoop!!! For more details hit me up! xoxo


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Hi guys! welcome to my blog! Here is where you'd see most of the thoughts going through my head about any and everything but filtered of course :). i'm a young woman, I like to say young woman lol makes me feel more mature. young woman who's just learning to live life to the fullest. However, my bestfriend Prince will also be posting on here. I've been thinking about starting this blog for a while now and he encouraged me to do it and i'm quite excited. I do hope it turns out great! Okay now, welcome to the whirlpool that is my mind!

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