We’re back!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!! It is US Josie and the little sister Bella (teenage outsider)  and we have been missing 😭😭😭.  We were taken! (Insert dramatic tune e.g dun! Dun!! Dun!!!)

Okay we’re kidding 😂 But that is how we were on our own and one special someone came and said that we should merge our blog, we now merged it and they now came again and said we should fix up our blog we now tried to fix it but it was taking so long so we now said we are tayad (tired) so we now came back now, today with this (We’re back ‘exclamation marksssss’) post :).

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR! Even though it’s the last day of the first month of the year we just had to do that lol. How’s the year going for you guys? For us? Not so bad, between the two of us there has been travelling and working and eating and gaining weight which is not healthy guys, stay healthy.

Oh and you need not worry! We shall not be confusing you guys and making joint posts like this, we’re gonna indicate at the top or bottom of every post to tell y’all who the author is but maybe once in a while we WILL mess around and try to confuse you lol. Oh it feels so good to be back.

Secondly.. DYING DREAMS! We’ve had some of you DM us and ask about the continuation of the series. Our sincere apologies for delaying too long guys, but fear no more! we’re gonna bring it back for you this February so be sure to look out. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about just scroll down and read! You can subscribe via email to get notifications whenever we post too.

We’re gonna be bringing new stuff, facts, hacks, more stories, videos and other entertainment stuff so stay tuned!

Okay well see you next in a bit! Xoxo

– ya girls Josie and Bella.


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Hi guys! welcome to our blog! (Bella and I) Here is where you'd see most of the thoughts going through our heads about any and everything but filtered of course :). Two girls just learning to live life to the fullest, welcome to the whirlpool that is our minds!

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