Dying Dreams continued.

Hey everyone!

Bella here to give you the continuation of dying dreams the book which we started posting last year. I just wanted to inform you guys that I’ve done some editing of the book (nothing very major of course) and I will be editing the last post that we made of this book on this site. If you’d like to be completely caught up, that is, not miss anything at all, I suggest you do a quick look through of the edited post so you don’t get confused. Even though the changes aren’t anything drastic, a few simple things like the name of the town, and some of the narration and dialogue has changed. 

Anyways here is the continuation. 



Chapter Three

It doesn’t take long in the bathroom for me to start really freaking out.

I had just told Jenna Bolton off, Jenna Bolton the schools queen bee and my very own personal bully. Not to speak of the fact that I had just seen a boy, a boy that I had been dreaming about ever since I woke up from that coma.

Talk about crazy.

I must have seen him somewhere before, maybe he was a model and I had seen him on one of my mom’s magazines, or maybe he was in an ad. Either way, I had to have seen him somewhere, there was no way I was just dreaming about a guy I had just unofficially met. That was the only thing that made sense.

He was very attractive, which to me usually translates to ‘incredibly dumb’, or ‘has a horrible personality’, I mean, there was no way he didn’t have any faults, and judging from that wonderful face of his, I’d probably hate him by the time I officially met him.

Wow judge much? I scold myself internally after realising I was already judging the guy and I hadn’t even met him yet. Not saying that made a difference, for all I knew he was probably just like all the other über hot guys I’d met, egocentric dumb jerks.

I pull out some paper towels from the dispenser and start wiping down the stained parts of my shirt that I could barely reach. In a few minutes I had gotten out the actual liquid but there was a large pink stain covering the top back of my off white tee shirt. I couldn’t do much after that so I shrugged it off and made my way out of the bathroom.

I head to my locker and take out the books I need for my next class, there’s only a few minutes left of lunch and I would like to spend them as far away as I can from, ugh, Jenna.

I understand why she would dislike me, I just never actually thought that it would turn into full on hatred.

I open the door to Miss Eloise’s physics class, its empty. sighing happily I take a seat in my usual spot in the middle of the class,  basking in the few moments of silence I have before lunch is over.


Nearly ten minutes into class the door opens abruptly and in walks Mr Hot guy himself, wearing the same irritated smirk, a set of keys dangling lazily from his fingertips.

“You’re late again Mr Fire” Miss Eloise says raising a frustrated bushy eyebrow at him. He shrugs, “I had somewhere else to be” he says and she shakes her head, “you clearly do not think your education is important, you just earned yourself a whole afternoon of detention” she says and he shrugs again, ignoring her and making his way into the class “Make that a week” she says and he doesn’t even flinch, geez this guy is definitely mental.

He slowly walks towards me, taking the time to look into my eyes right before taking the seat to my left.

I watch him with an unplanned intensity, I couldn’t help myself there was something very unusual about him. He takes a look at me and scowls, “you’re staring” he says irritated and I quickly turn back.

Yup, I’d definitely hate him.

I really hope you enjoyed this chapter, the next one will be up on Sunday so do not forget to check back for the continuation! leave thoughts, corrections and all general comments in the comment section and I will get back to you shortly. 


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