Josie’s Diary (October already!)

Hey guys! So it’s already October, idk is it just me or is this year running by way too fast? It’s been a bumpy year though but i’m still looking forward to my birthday which is in November!!! I’m not even going to let the years wahala get to me I mean as long as there is life there is something to be thankful for right? Oh and guys I was talking with a friend of mine about how difficult it is to shop in this town and to find everything one is looking for and we both had different opinions so I decided to create this poll to find out what you guys think so please guys, biko, mbok, take 5 seconds of your time to answer? Thank you!

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Dying Dreams (Chapter 2)

dying dreams

I hated high school.

From the annoying teachers to the even more annoying teenagers, to the unnecessary drama, to the sweaty jocks, to Jenna Bolton and her set of mindless friends.


That’s why I was one of the best students in my grade. I had long since developed my ‘how to survive high school strategy’ namely: lay low, blend in, try not to punch Jenna in the face every single day and last but not least, pass.

I made sure I was passing every single class I took because lets face it, if I didn’t pass, I wasn’t leaving and if I didn’t leave I would be forced to spend the rest of my days stuck in this hell hole, no way.

I take one step into the white floored halls of Fallen Lake High and sigh. I had taken one week off on the doctors orders to rest and then an extra couple of days which could have gone on for much longer until my mother had decided I needed to ‘get off my butt and start getting productive’, her words. So this morning she pulled back my curtains, had me get ready, and drove me to school.

She was right though, I had already missed too much and I didn’t want my grades to suffer. There was also the fact that my dreams had become occupied with a certain set of fluorescent blue eyes and dark hair which was taking up too much of my mental space. How my subconscious had managed to create such a  wonderful image of someone I had never met in my life, I didn’t know, but I wasn’t complaining either.

I walk to my locker and open it, it was exactly how I’d left it, I don’t know why I expected anything else. I carefully put my book bag in along with my lunch and take out books that I needed for first period. I had AP English first and after taking out my textbook I make my way to class.


It was too quiet.

I mean, I didn’t actually expect anyone to rush up to me but I didn’t expect total silence either. Besides the carefully calculated stares I felt burning through the back of my head when I turned around I was getting, well, nothing. I hadn’t run into Jenna and her army of zombie barbies the whole morning which was a good sign but now that I think of it, it felt like the calm before the storm. paranoia or not the whole thing was too easy.

I knew the drama was cooking, I just couldn’t find the pot.

dragging myself to my locker after one of Mr Sulkins long, long algebra classes, I put my books in my locker and grab my lunch. I didn’t even know what was in there since my mom had just handed me the paper bag as I bolted out of the car and I hadn’t bothered unfolding it to find out what was inside. I had just stepped into the cafeteria when I felt the mood shift and everyone just stopped, I’m talking food halfway to your mouth stopped and stared. I was preparing to bolt when I realised their attention wasn’t on me but behind me. I looked back and I felt my mouth drop open.

I could recognize those fluorescent blue eyes anywhere, there he was standing. He looked like a Calvin Klein model but broader, save for his black v neck tee, he was dressed head to toe in black leather, his dark hair looked strategically tousled and the scowl on his face was intimidating, like he’d rather be anywhere but here, well that makes two of us buddy.

I had just finished shamelessly gawking him when I shifted my gaze to the girl beside him, she had hair nearly as dark as his but with spontaneous streaks of gold, she was small but she was also intimidating, she had an air of elegance that promised to deal with anyone who messed with her. She wasn’t as crazy about leather as him seeing as the only Item of leather she had on were her pants but she was beautiful nonetheless, she had looks that rivaled Jenna and her wannabe barbies by a long shot.

I looked away quickly, hoping no one was secretly laughing at me for standing in the front of the cafeteria for so long just to gawk at them but when I saw everyone elses faces and how they were visibly still amazed by the people who had just walked in, I was relieved.

Not only had these people managed to take the attention off me, they had given the students of fallen lake high something else to talk about besides the girl who had just woken up from a coma AKA me.

just as I was about to take a seat, I felt a pool of cold liquid run down my hair to the back of my shirt. I turned around, mid gasp, and there she was Jenna Bolton and her idiot squad staring back at me with devious smiles on their faces, her plastic smoothie cup empty, she had poured it all on me. she smirked, “welcome back Ariel, have a nice coma?” she says and I shake my head, I didn’t think she could stoop so low, and I hated her.

“real classy Jenna, now my hair is almost as pink as your face, almost.” I hold my index finger and thumb inches apart for emphasis.

she laughs, irritated, “that’s the best you can do? why don’t you crawl back into the coma you came from”

I shake my head at this, dropping my tray on the table closest to me, normally I would just ignore her but something had switched in me, I was tired of her giving me endless amounts of crap for absolutely no reason, she should learn to move on, I did.

“you can’t crawl back into a coma you dimwit, it takes a lot more than that, but obviously you’re too dumb to know that. And yeah, I’d gladly go back into a coma if it meant I didn’t have to see you and your jumbo size eyebrows ever again or better still I’d like to put you in a coma so you know exactly what it takes.”

Her eyebrows were actually fine, perfect even, I just knew girls like her took eyebrows way too seriously.

she scoffs on hearing my words putting her right hand up to touch her eyebrows. one of her idiot friends who I think is named Amber folds her arms “you’re so full of shit” she says and I shake my head “so are you” That seemed like a pretty good way to end the face off so I quickly make my way to the girls bathroom to clean up hoping to God that Jenna doesn’t storm after me because the smoothie on my back was starting to bother me and I wanted to be the one with the last word.

As I make my way out of the cafeteria, I catch sight of the leather model form earlier and he seems to be wearing a look of bewilderment on his face, I didn’t blame him, if a couple of girls started a verbal fight on my first day of school I’d be confused too.

I look away from him quickly, I was in badass mode and I didn’t want anyone to ruin it. it was only when I had reached the girls bathroom that I realised I had left my surprise lunch sitting on the table in the cafeteria. Now I was itchy, irritated and hungry.


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Dying Dreams (continuation) :)

I’m awake.

The world spins as I blink my eyes open. The sun is sending blinding rays through the window and right at me. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust but after they do I register my surroundings.

I’m laying on a small hospital bed, beside me is a small chair and a stool, the cup of half finished coffee sitting on it indicates someone was here before. On my other side sits a machine whose steady beeping sound is slowly driving me crazy. I narrow my eyes trying to figure out why I was here but my memory is a blur.

Just then a man in his mid thirties comes rushing into the room followed by my very confused looking mother. The man rushes to my side and starts to examine me. He asks me questions like what my name was, where I lived, and what the color of my eyes were. I answer them with ease but I still need someone to fill the holes in my memory, the things I can’t remember.

“What’s going on?” I manage to choke out and on hearing my voice my mother holds my hands. She looked so tired, judging from the sagging bags that laced the under of her eyes she hadn’t slept in a while. “You don’t remember?” She asks me, searching my face as if the answers were there. I slowly shake my head, answering her question.

“You drowned, only for a few minutes, but you drowned and you went into a coma”

She said everything slowly, as if she couldn’t believe it herself. Suddenly all the memories come crashing back into me. The cliff, me diving into the water in the eye of the storm, me fighting to reach the surface whilst accepting that I may never see it again. I look up at my mother, she’s freely sobbing now and the doctor after doing some other random tests has quietly excused himself.

“How long? How long have I been in a coma?” I ask wondering how much of my life I had missed. Silently praying it hadn’t been up to a year or anything drastic like that. My mom smiles a sad smile while wiping her tears and trying to compose herself.

“It’s been two years honey” she says.


“Two years? What about school and graduation? And everything else in my life? What about college?”

She looks at me for a moment as I was very visibly starting to internally freak out and after trying miserably to hold in her laugh, she starts laughing. I just stare at her confused, wondering if maybe she had gone crazy within these two years.

“It was actually just two weeks honey, but you should have seen your face” I shake my head, I should have known.

“That’s right mom, make fun of the girl who just woke up from a coma” she smiles at me but her face suddenly becomes serious.

“It really wasn’t funny Ari, I thought you’d die, two weeks and you didn’t even twitch. Don’t ever do that again”

She hugs me. I’m surprised she isn’t asking questions about what led to my near death, but knowing my mum she was saving the questions for later, for when I was strong enough that she could safely shower upon me two weeks worth of scolding, which by the way I was definitely not looking forward to.

Something didn’t add up though.

If I had been in a coma ever since I was in the water why do I remember seeing those beautiful fluorescent blue eyes staring back at me as I lay upon the sand? And that face, that magnificent face.

Oh well, it was all probably just an illusion. My mind was definitely playing tricks on me, very good looking tricks, but tricks nonetheless. I mean, I had just drowned for goodness sake. Take it easy on yourself Ari I mentally scold myself hoping the salty beach water wasn’t messing with my brain.

But hell, it probably was.

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Fifteen and counting…


before I continue let us acknowledge the small fact that the featured photo has nearly nothing do with this post, okay, let us continue..

wow, its been quite a long time since I’ve posted on here but you have nothing to fear really, I’m well and fine and I am back.


My life has been a whirlwind of unplanned events and its only getting more whirlwindy by the second (in the most unwhirlwindy way possible of course) have I confused you yet? sorry darlings give me a minute and I will explain exactly what I mean.

Today I woke up smack in the middle of my bed, jumped out of it and decided that I had to start exercising again because ultimately, (as proposed by legitimately everyone who knows me at this moment) I am getting fat.

I’m getting fat?

Yes, yes I am and I am so done denying it. Not that there’s anything wrong with being fat, I mean, people come in all shapes and sizes and the most important thing is that you’re comfortable in your own skin, in your own shape and size, and if you’re not, well you better get out there and start doing something about it.

I’m going to throw you some unbasic, basic knowledge that I came across today whilst getting ready to exercise: ALWAYS EAT FIRST! make sure you have a little somn somn in your body before you proceed to try and lose that something. why? you may ask, well, because your body can be likened to a machine in this aspect, it needs fuel to work. And when you do not fuel it, it only does more harm than good.

But this is not a post about exercise.

This, you gorgeous readers is a comeback post, because I am back and I’d like to think I’m different, in the most undifferent way possible.

within the quite long period of time, during which I have been offline, I have managed to:

  • Graduate highschool
  • Move to the U.S (duration unknown)
  • And turn fifteen.


All those things within a span of weeks.

One of my last posts was me complaining about how I had to go to boarding school and look at me now, I am done with that, done with high school and halfway to thirty, in a different country.


My life has been different. I mean, I moved from across the world, from the place I’ve lived my entire life to somewhere different (though not entirely foreign) I always knew that at some point in my life I’d have to get up and move, I just didn’t expect it to actually happen one day. I knew it, I just thought in some magical way maybe time will stop, rewind and continue to repeat itself as if nothing ever happened.

I was wayyy off.

I guess in some way, even if none of us ever want to admit it, and I mean EVER want to admit it, we anticipate growing up: moving out of the house, going to college..

(coughs) getting a life…

All the while never expecting it to actually happen. we expect to be completely ready when the time comes for us to pull on those Adult boots and start making adult decisions, but in reality no one’s ever really ready, not even the over-thinkers and overachievers of the world.

And that’s okay. That is so okay.

Because it certifies that we are human, not insensitive pieces of machinery. Which brings me to my point. I guess this entire time I’ve been worrying about growing up, about not being ready to grown up, about the person I am yet to become whilst not realising the person I already am which was my mistake. I might not turn out to be all the (incredibly many many) things I hope to be but hey, I’m fifteen.

And counting…

Stay gorgeous.


Thanatos, dying dreams cont..

Death is a horrible thing.

The sight, the smell the tears all worse than each other.

He didn’t hate his job, it had just grown quite tedious over the centuries.

“she’s pretty” Darthian says from beside him, gazing at the young Asian girl who was quite possibly the daughter of the dead man laying upon the bed, whose soul they were sent to escort to the hall of the dead where his soul would be judged for either eternal torture or eternal paradise.

“we do not flirt with the relatives of the dead, even if they are unaware.” Thanatos scolds his partner whose eyes stayed fixated upon the girl who had just lost her father. this was what he hated the most, all the sadness oozing off of her was enough to make him sick. more than once he had contemplated giving the dead a second chance, allowing them to go back and be with their loved ones again but that was the only rule he couldn’t bend or break.

“whats happening to me” came the croaking voice of the dead man and Thanatos looks down at him.

“you are dead” he says simply, void of emotion.

He had learned long ago to simply tell it as it is, it made things a lot easier if they knew their predicament so he didn’t sugar coat it by telling them ‘everything will be okay’ or try to help them by painting the dull life in the underworld as something they should look forward to in their deaths, he told it like it was, saved them both the trouble. Most of the souls did as they were told and followed them into the underworld but a few stubborn souls who even after realising their lives as living were over decided to stay in the realm of the alive. Like a ribbon they were tied to their pasts and refused to move on. If they stayed for too long they lost what was left of their souls and therefore their ability to move on and were called ‘the wanderers’

“Darthian take this one to Hades, another soul needs my attention” Thanatos announces receiving a nod from Darthian right before vanishing into thin air along with the soul of the dead man whose daughter was weeping endlessly.

The next soul was in a small town called fallen lake and so he teleports right to the sight of death except this one was different. The body of a girl lay lifeless upon the sand, from where he stood he could tell she had hair reddish in color yet not quite yet red. she was surrounded by people of her age and others who where trying to revive her yet failing miserably because if he had felt her she was already on the bridge between life and death all that was left was for her to cross.

He didn’t know what compelled him to go closer to her but he found himself walking in her direction. Obviously none of the humans could see him, he was cloaked.

He raised a questioning eyebrow when he saw her face. There was something about her, she looked just like…. no, it was impossible. her soul was lost, right?

He looked at her again, closely examining her this time. Slightly different hair color but undoubtedly the same. The same full lips, same slender body, same long legs. But how? How did his father manage to keep him from finding her for so long? she should be at least seventeen years old in this human realm. He ran his palm through his dark air and frowned, he looked at her lifeless body, unmoving. His mind had began torturing him with old memories, memories he had long since buried but which even so still hurt like a fresh wound.

If this was truly her, he couldn’t take the chance, couldn’t risk allowing her to die, again. So he didn’t think, didn’t allow himself to think of anything but that moment unless his rational side would have taken over, thought better, analysed the many consequences.

He knelt on the sand, and as time seemed to slow down, he gently placed his lips upon hers. It didn’t last long, but he didn’t need any longer than that. He could feel the warmth rush back into her cold lips, she opened her hazel eyes, looked right into his and shut them again.

He watched the human healers take the girl away still trying to comprehend what he had just done. He had just broken the most important rule of all. And all for someone who probably didn’t even remember him.

His father will not be pleased.

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Ariel Normall died that day in the water. Almost died is what the doctors are telling her, its a complete miracle she is even alive.

But she knows the truth.

She felt herself slip away. And that was when she saw him tall, dark and utterly handsome. He saved her, he brought her back to life. But something changed that day, she could feel it.
Suddenly the house next to hers that had been on sale for months gets sold, and there he is one day, staring at her with hooded eyes and a smug smirk on his face, the boy who saved her.

She can’t deny that there’s something very strange about him, something she can’t explain. He’s the last thing she needs right now, but she can’t stop thinking about him.

Ariel is thrust into his world, one she never even knew existed, one that she is somehow linked to, one that puts her and everyone she loves in danger, she must make a choice, and the wrong one might cost her her life.

Only one thing is certain, after this, if she lives through this, her life will never be the same again.


I stared into the dark vortex of the swirling sea, waves crashing against the rocks with loud bangs. To my side a group of teenagers who I didn’t know enough to call friends raised their fists into the air chanting “dive” over and over.

This was it, the moment when I would prove myself, the sand blonde haired girl in front of me looked back once taking it all in as if it would be her last, which was a possibility, for all I knew it may be her last.

Why did we even do this? there were so many reasons not to so many reasons why it was very dangerous but we did it anyway. It was a game of wit that was for sure but aside from it being a gesture to prove ourselves it was also our high.

The adrenaline coursing through your veins for those few moments right before you hit the water to possible death was something that will stick to your subconscious for lifetimes when you will think back and say to yourself I almost died….almost.

It was called storm cliff diving, and just like the name it was cliff diving in the storm as the water crashed and banged and as the wind howled this way and that young and very stupid teenagers I included would make their way to the cliff and at the count of three one at a time jump into the water to almost certain death.

They would fight their way to the top and then a rope is sent down which they grab unto and pull themselves out.


They chanted and the blonde haired girl in front of me stepped off the cliff and fell into the water with a loud plop! The waves crashing again and again in a manner that you would think she would be forever pulled into the depths of the black sea.

Three seconds pass

The top of her hair plops out into the surface followed by the rest of her body and the rope is thrown into the water. Chants erupt from the group of teenagers congratulating her and welcoming her into their clique and just like that she was one of them.

That’s what I wanted, that’s why I was doing this, not for the adrenaline or entirely to prove myself but to be accepted, I wanted so bad to be a part of something that I’d risk my life. It was a dumb move but hey go big or go home right?

“It’s your turn sweetheart” a handsome blonde jock with the build of a model says to me and I nod repeatedly taking a step forward to where the blonde haired girl had stood only moments before.

Chicken out now and my the rest of my life amongst my peers would be my own personal hell.

The boy gives me a look as if telling me this was my last chance to back out but I set my gaze to the water and take one final step and that was all the confirmation he needed. The countdown starts.


I try not to step back


I try to convince myself it would all be over in less than a minute.


The wind howling in my ear and the crash of the waves against the rocks loud and paralysing I look back because for all I know this may be my last.


I take a step off the cliff and I’m falling it feels like minutes but in reality its only seconds before I reach the water. Its cold and the force is pulling me down but I begin my swim up and within seconds I’m out on the surface.

The yelling and hooting begins and I let out a breath I had had been holding the worst was over. The rope is tossed to me and I grab unto it with all my strength as I’m pulled to the surface and that’s when it all went wrong.

The waves crash into me but I keep my fingers firmly wrapped around the thick bundle literally holding on for dear life. Then another wave and another, I can hear the shocked screams of the people yelling at me to hold on but my fingers are slipping. Suddenly the biggest wave of the lot crashes over me the momentum forcing the rope out of the not-so-tight grip of my fingers.

I’m sinking.

Down down I go all the way fighting for breath but there is none. The waves only grow bigger and the storm only gets louder adding to the impact.

Soon I give up, I can hear nothing, I can see nothing, my lungs fight for air, only taking in water with every false breath.

This was it I was gonna die

My eyes close and my arms lose strength to fight and I’m being pulled into the sea, deeper and deeper into the dark vortex. I lose my will then my consciousness then my body goes numb as the world goes black.

– An Original Novel by Isabella.

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GAME OF THRONES (Season finale)


DUN! DUN! DUN! And after 7 episodes, the season has finally come to an end 😦 (seriously though why are there only 7 episodes in this season?) Anyways season 8 releases either 2018 or 2019 we’re not sure but it’s gonna have only 6 episodes (seriously what’s wrong with these people?) well… THE GREAT WAR IS HERE! The dead are coming or should I say “Have come”. (brrrrrr it literally is a cold world).

Okay guys so I watched the episode 7 of season 7 yesterday and to be quite frank it wasn’t as thrilling as i’d hoped, maybe because I was over excited or maybe because i’d already come across a few spoilers but it just didn’t get to me that way. The only part that was quite interesting was the part where Lord Baelish (aka little finger) was killed. Laawwwdddd that was epic! No one saw that coming because you know they led us to think that he had actually gotten into Sansa’s head and turned her against her sister Arya. Well i’m glad the stark sisters finally got sense and dealt with the sneaky piece of poop (sorry guys I really didn’t like him he annoyed the shit out of me) lol Sansa finally showed us she’s not as dumb as we thought she was, thank God!


Moving on! The awkward meeting. Lol the whole thing was too predictable, I knew for a fact that Dany was going to show off and pull one of her big entrances with her dragons I also knew Cercei would prove stubborn and try to pull something and honestly I think the meeting was pretty boring plus I feel like maybe they made Dany seem kind of intimidated by Cercei, she was way too quiet, she seemed too small in the presence of Cercei. Also they really didn’t have to show how they walked all the way to the meeting point like am I the only one who thinks that walk was too long? Or maybe I was just too anxious to know what happened in the end that’s why. Oh and guys just as I predicted in my last post “CERCEI PLANS TO DOUBLE CROSS DANY AND JON!” The evil nonsense! I just knew it, she can never be trusted but thank God Jamie got sense this time, after Brienne scolded him though. Cercei might have planned to go back on her word but he wasn’t having it. She threatened to kill him if he defied her and left but Jamie called her bluff and rode north anyway! yay! Go Jamie!!!

JOOOONNNNNN SSNNNOOOOOWWWW or should I say Aegon Targarean *smirk*


So we found out Jon’s real name is Aegon Targarean (woosh!) and he was never a bastard, his Mother was actually secretly married to Dany’s brother and He is the legitimate heir to the iron throne! I really wonder how Dany would feel after she finds out about that, do you think she would still want to take the throne? I mean that’s all she’s wanted her whole life, It’s everything she’s fought for so it’s gonna be really hard for her to find out that Jon rather is the heir to the throne. She definitely has feelings for him and he for her because well, he ended up in her bed! Yup guys, that incest I talked about? It did happen! And i’m not sure Tyrian is very happy about it. I wonder why though, I mean he might be her Hand but it’s none of his business who she gets with.

Ohhh Theon! Go Theon too! lol he finally quit being a coward and stood his ground in a fight to get men to go save his sister from his disgusting uncle Euron (another character that annoys the hell out of me). Yara might just be saved after all 🙂 .


THE WALL COMES DOWN! aaaaaaaand it was disappointing. Sorry guys, undead Viserion and his blue flames is a big deal, cool and all but I really think they could’ve at least made it seem like a tough job for the Night king. The wall which was thousands of years old (8000) if i’m correct came down way too easy. Tormund and the other free folks at East watch didn’t even get a chance to fight, they’re probably all buried deep in the snow, well that’s what they’ve made us think but we’ll see in the next season which is wwaaaayyyyy toooooo faarr! 2018!! 😥 😥 so many lonely days ahead but what can we do?? 😥 .. Wait impatiently that’s what lmao. sha just HURRY BACK GOT!  ❤